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System components and single components

The factory-insulated bonded pipe system for underground hot water networks laid directly in the ground is suitable for a maximum continuous operating temperature of 144°C with a lifetime of 30 years. Constantly high quality is achieved because the pipes and preformed parts are produced on the very latest computer-controlled high-pressure dosing machines.
System components are manufactured according to DIN EN 253, 448, 488 and 489. The use of a certified quality management system to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, guarantees compliance with standards, directives, guidelines and quality assurance measures in all areas of the company. A hallmark of our environment-friendly production is the efficient utilization of all resources, as guaranteed by the environmental management system certified to DIN EN ISO 14001:2005.

HDPE jacket pipe

Seamless polyethylene HD pipe produced by extrusion, to DIN 8075, characteristics and dimensions as per EN 253 or AGFW FW 401, with Corona treatment to ensure a rigid (non-positive) and permanent connection with the hard PUR foam. Breaking resistance is guaranteed down to -50°C. This material corresponds to building material class B 2 (normally inflammable) as per DIN 4102-1.
Seamless pipe made of polyethylene-HD, delivery conditions as per DIN 8075, dimensions at least to EN 253 or AGFW FW 401, see table 4, with Corona treatment to ensure a rigid (non-positive) and permanent connection between the sheath pipe and the hard PUR foam thermal insulation, colored black for high UV resistance.

Polyethylene properties, requirements as per DIN EN 253

Color: black
Soot content: 2.5 + 0.5 %
Density: min. 944 kg/m3
Coefficient of expansion: 2 * 10-4 K-1
Thermal conductivity: 0.43 W / mK
Surface tension: 41 - 56 mN/m
Building material class: DIN 4102 B 2


Thermal insulation (CFC- and HCFC-free)

Hard polyurethane foam consists of component A (polyol) and component B (isocyanate).
Thermal conductivity [λ] 0.026 W/(m*K) or 0.0275 W/(m*K), minimum core bulk density as per EN 253. 60 kg/m3, max. continuous operating temperature: 144°C.
Cyclo-pentane is an environment-friendly propellant which does not damage the ozone layer.

Properties of hard polyurethane foam as per DIN EN 253

Percentage of closed cells > 88 %
Maximum cell size in radial direction < 0.5 mm
Total bulk density > 60 kg / m
Thermal conductivity 0.026 W / mK or 0.0275 W / mK

Pipe network monitoring

German Pipe’s monitoring method for pipes is based on the sound and reliable European Monitoring System (EMS).
Two parallel copper wires foamed into the preinsulated pipes make it easy to monitor penetration by moisture and wire breakage. The sensor wires are non-insulated copper wires with a cross-section of 1.5 mm2, and one wire is tinned to differentiate the wires by color.

All the components listed below can be supplied with foamed-in ’German Pipe’ pipe network monitoring wires. Other monitoring systems that are commonly available on the market such as Brandes, HDW and AB- Isotronic may be supplied to order.

Medium pipe


Welded steel pipe

Longitudinally or helically seam-welded steel pipe, < DN 100, steel quality P235 TR1 to DIN EN 10217-1; > DN 125, P235 GH to DIN EN 10217-2, weld seam factor V=1.0, with acceptance test certificate to EN 10204 - 3.1, pipes with wall thickness > 3.2 mm with welding bevel as per DIN 2559/1, index 22.


Copper pipe

Seamless copper pipe to DIN 1786, dimensions, masses and tolerances to DIN 1754, material: Cu-DHP or SF-Cu, TLB and material properties to DIN EN 1057 and DIN 17 671, soft or hard soldered joint with capillary solder fittings.


Stainless steel system pipe

Stainless steel pipe, welded to DIN 17457, material 1.4401, to DIN EN 10088 with approval as per DVGW – Worksheet W 541, max. operating temperature 120 °C. The joint is made by the pipe installer using press-type fittings. The system manufacturer’s installation and assembly guidelines must be strictly followed.


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